Exhibition “Sahrawi stories”

Museu Valencià de la Festa d'Algemesí

 In December of 2017, Xavi travelled to the Saharawi refugee fields in the province of Tinduf, Algeria, with two more volunteers from the “Associació D’ajuda a Persones Saharauis amb Discapacitat” (Association of aid to Saharawi people with disability). The views that the members of the association make at the saharawi fields, are a part of the project they develop to visit and attend more than 100 of children with disability. At the same time, they provide specific training to the people that, regularly, take care of the minors and their families.

The set of paintings are the result of this experience and coexistence with the refugees, the children with disabilities and their families. The paintings are accompanied by six written stories about the reality of the saharawi village. The portraits of medium and large format which configure the present exhibition, show the faces of a village that, for 42 years, lives locked in a refugee field, next to their enchroached land.