Exhibition “Women of Africa”, Bunyol

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Participation in the World Cultures Fair in Bunyol, with a selection of portraits of women from Africa.

Exhibition “Stories of Baasneere”, València

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Being first the random and the solidarity afterwards, they are placed at the genesis of these “stories of Baasneere”, at the country of the full men. Years ago, the random drove Xavi Ferragud (Algemesí, 1964) to Burkina Faso, in West Africa. Solidary has returned him there in various occasions and has established intense bonds with […]

Exhibition “Stories of Baasneere”, Ontinyent

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Presentation of the collection “Stories of Baasneere” in Caixa Ontinyent.

Stories from Baasneere 2017

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“Portraits of men and women met by the artist during his stay in Baasneere, north of Burkina Faso, where along with many other people, the important tasks of cooperation and solidarity were achieved. The paintings, made on a table in acrylics and oils, are accompanied by short texts in which the artist briefly describes the […]


“Closed, closed with a punch of Oleander! Overwhelmed by the time on the stages. Pass by the seabed with the seagrass next to it. Extensions, fanecades of rice! The frantic harvester, Like the furious deep-rooted relay, Steering the passage of the seed, renovating all the land, Augusta.” Sollana – La Ribera Baixa, from the Mural […]
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